Jed fish jaguars
Doraemon in Hindi- Doremi Sab Shamal Legi

Coach Joe leads the Jaguars in We are the Champions......of the WORLD!

Kazuma Jaguar 500 Deluxe at Chimes Benoni

Recently got myself the Kazuma Jaguar quad bike, so I deceided to make a video just for fun of the drive up the mine dumps at Chimes in Benoni... Think its...

Jags Erie Loss 2014 09 06 029 Tony TD KO Return

A Look at my new T Bar tank, before the fish go in.

Another quick update about the progress of my T Bar Tank. This will be the first video on a new playlist.

Boar attacks hunter in the woods and pitbull dog grabs it!!

boar attack hunter in the woods and pitbull dog grabs it!! Video KeyWords: Pitbull hunting for wild attacked Pitbull and pitbull vs wolf dog fight, kavik...

2 year old futurity bull 373 jaguar owned by gary fortier and trained by the jaynes gang

Part One: Update On New Fish And Changes So Far

Here is the first of two updates on my South American 55 gallon tank. In this update I only have 4 of the newcomers that I revealed yesterday. In this update find...

Fish Food Packaging: Perception of Quality

All panelists felt the Flapper cap looked like a higher quality cap relative to the continuous thread and snap caps for the following...

Tinfoil barbs flicking ect???

tinfoil barbs flicking and rubbing!!! Not very well??? At first thought there was something wrong!!!!! But appears not!! Done some research and spoken to other...