X1 desktop search professional
X1 Search 8 Introductory Video

Take a tour of the latest version of X1s award winning desktop search and productivity application. Stop searching, and start finding.

X1 Professional Client

This is a quick preview of the X1 Professional Client Desktop Search Engine.

Thank You for Downloading X1 Professional!

Heres a quick look at some of the features of the most advanced desktop search application, X1 Professional Client! Music by: Mihai Sorohan.

X1 Professional Client Introduction

Get familiar with the fastest, most comprehensive desktop search tool for your PC! Music by:

Ashnick PETER D. LIMBERGERS Filmbay Amsterdam 2012

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Search Commands for X1 Professional Client

Learn how to use basic and advanced search commands similar to web searching with your X1 Professional Client.

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Master your Searches Using X1s Refine Columns

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